Pink Parcel FAQ

In 2019 Pink Parcel went in to administration and are no longer operating as a business.

We aim to bring you the latest beauty and wellness innovations from around the world, so you can discover new trends and pamper yourself within the comfort of your own home. Every month we will send out 5-7 full size products worth up to £100

We worked with the former owners of Pink Parcel to offer their community an alternative to Pink Parcel. To be clear, Pink Parcel and not invlolved whatsoever.

Every month we will be providing 5 full size products with a value of £100. These products will include Skincare and Beauty.

As Pink Parcel are no longer operating, none of their regular contact details work and there is no way to contact them.

We currently are not including Femcare, but we would love to hear all your suggestions and work with you to deliver the products you want

We understand you may have had negative experiences in the past with other companies, however, we want to build your trust. This is why we are sending you a free skincare gift as soon as you sign up to our newsletter.

we are not in any way connected to Pink Parcel. Like you, a group of suppliers that used to supply Pink Parcel were left out of pocket due to their collapse. Come subscribers have said they managed to get a refund from the bank.

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